For the past five-plus years, I have been researching relevant news and advice pieces online and posting them to the LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts for my wonderful longtime client, Rayona Sharpnack. I also post for her to six LinkedIn groups focused on women's leadership and diversity & inclusion. Rayona is the CEO of the Institute for Women's Leadership and the Institute for Gender Parnership.

To find content that best supports to Rayona's mission, I scour the internet, skim dozens of articles each week, read Google Alerts on key terms in her industry, follow Harvard Business Review, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and numerous other media outlets. The result is fresh, interesting, and pertinent news and coaching articles that inform and enlighten our social media followers.

As a former news editor, I have deep experience -- and a gift -- for finding intelligent and engaging pieces that appeal to women and men alike. (The secret to doing this well is to not believe that the article's headline is actually what the article is about. Too often the headline is a tease and the content of the piece doesn't live up to it.)

I also look for news and coaching articles of specific interest to diverse audiences. We find that the latter posts usually give us the most "hits." We have also found that we get excellent readership, click-throughs, and shares without paying to boost any of our posts.